The N4u.server.listen-on-loopback is a boolean parameter in the Nds.conf file, and enabled by default.

In a few recent Linux distributions, the hostname in /etc/hosts file is associated with the loopback address. Though the common address given in the SLES systems is, it can be anything from to (valid loopback addresses).

Normally, EDirectory identifies the correct loopback address that the server should listen on, and then accepts NCP connections on that address.

If the port parameter is specified (n4u.server.tcp-port), it uses this port to listen on the loopback address.

To disable listening on the loopback address, add this parameter to the Nds.conf file and set its value to 0.

To support multiple eDirectory instances on the same box, disable listening on the loopback address as multiple instances cannot listen on the same loopback address.



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