NAM Access Manager


NAM Access Manager is an Access Control product form NetIQ.

These pages are in reference to Novell's Access Manager Product and based on the 3.x product.

What Makes NAM Different#

NAM is the latest of a long history of Access Management products form Novell INC.

NAM Customized JSP Pages#

Many people want to customize the JSP pages with their own logos or other functions.

NAM Different Login Methods or Pages#

Our client wanted to have different Login pages for each of their AG Clusters under the 3.0.X product.

Posting Credentials to NAM#

One of our clients wanted to be able to authenticate a user to NAM from an internal home-grown application. We did this by Posting Credentials to NAM

PeopleSoft Integrations#

How NAM Utilizes Certificates#

NAM Administration#

Some need to know items for NAM Administration.

Secure WEB Page Information#

NAM and NTP and Why is Time Important#

SAML and other federation work, the requirement for Why is Time Important to be the right time is now critical as the certificates used in most federation agreements are very short lived. (like in the 2-3 minute range). We have had a lot of issues with NTP and also have found Perhaps a better way than NTP.

Trouble Shooting#

Logs and File Locations - What log to look at to find information.|Logs and File Locations]

NAM Configuration Notes#

Some items to keep in mind about configuring applications to work with Novell Access Manager

Backups and Restores#

We wrote a script to do Backups and Restores so it is a little more convenient and can be run from cron.

NAM Firewall Configuration#

Ports that are used in a NAM configuration that we know about.

Custom Authentication Class#

NAM Upgrades#

Some information on how we have done NAM Upgrades.

More Information#

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