NAM Application Request Information

Items you would typically we need to know for utilizing Novell Access Manager with an application.

Our policy requires that there be a test environment that we can use to perform setup and obtain a working system.

Information we require:#

  • Requester: Who has asked for this application to be placed behind WAM.
  • Application Business Owner
  • Application IT Technical Contact(s)
  • Application URL for non-SSL (including port)
  • Application URL for SSL (including port)
  • WEB Platform Host and Version: (JBOSS, WebSphere IIS)

DNS Names for used for NAM#

For guidelines see

Application User Target#

As often, there are different "types" of users using NAM, the type might help decide which LAG Cluster that would be used.
  • HO
  • Store
  • Vendor
  • Consultant/Temp
  • Customer

h2. Single Sign-On Features

  • Authentication Method:
  • Header Injection (preferred)
  • Form-fill
  • Current User Credential Store
    • Active Directory
    • LDAP
    • Application's Internal data store

DNS Entries#

  • Current DNS entries in use
  • Desired DNS entry for Internal Use
  • Desired DNS entry for External Use

Protected Resources#

Each URL path maybe protected or not.

Regardless, each URL path should be defined within the protected resources of each proxy defined.

The following is the typical information required for defining the resources:

  • Name: - The name assigned to the resource - sample "protected-SimpleMVC"
  • URL Path(s): There maybe one or more URL paths that are protected and wildcards are useful. - sample URL Path: /SimpleMVC/*
  • Authentication Procedure: - The Authentication Procedure used to protect the resource - Sample: "aflogin" or "NONE"
  • Authorization: - The Authorization methods used to protect the resource. These may include:
    • NONE
    • Redirects
  • Identity Injection: - Injects information into the html transaction that maybe passed from the LAG to the Applicaiton Server.
  • Form Fill: - A formfill definition. - Sample: formfill-simple-mvc

Justification for Access and Compliance Approval#

  • Data Classification:
  • Regulatory (Credit Card, SSN)
  • Proprietary (Product Designs, Sales/Marketing Data)
  • Standard (White Pages Directory, Internal Memos/eMails)
  • Public (Store Locations, Press Releases)
  • Restrictions
  • Access to the URL restricted to
    • specific type of users?

Forced SSL#

NAM will by default always encrypt the session from the Browser to the NAM Access Gateways. NAM can also encrypt the session from the NAM Access Gateways to your application provided your application can support SSL.

More Information#

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