NAM Different Login Methods or Pages

Create Different Login Pages#

Our client wanted to have different Login pages for each of their NAM AG Clusters.

Although there are some references to this in the documentation and in the public Access manager newsgroup, we found the information incomplete or lacking.

How we did it#

Create a new Method#

Under Identity Servers->Local -> Methods; Create a new method.
  • Display name: Provide an appropriate name
  • Class: (Select one from the drop-down list)
  • Select the User Store
  • Add the property:
    • Property Name: JSP (NOTE: Case sensitive)
    • Property Value: (the name of your new login page without the jsp extension) (NOTE: Case sensitive)

Create New Contract#

Under Identity Servers->Local -> Contracts; Create a new contract.
  • Display name: Provide an appropriate name
  • URI: As near as we know, this only needs to be unique suggest "yourjsppage/secure/name/password/uri"
  • Password expiration servlet: If used, can be empty
  • Authentication Level: "0" (adjust if required)
  • Satisfiable by a contract of equal or higher level: Default "un-check" (check or un-check as desired)
  • Satisfiable by External Provider: Default "check"
  • Add the "Methods" created above from the Available methods

The Login Page#

Create a proper login page and place the appropriate page in the proper locations. For more information see NAM Customized JSP Pages

Your login page would then be referenced by choosing the "Contract" created above when creating a protected resource.

More Information#

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