Upgrade Process#

This was created in reference to version 3. SP3 Interim Release 2. see: http://www.novell.com/documentation/novellaccessmanager/installation/index.html?page=/documentation/novellaccessmanager/installation/data/b7r7zaj.html

Consult appropriate Novell Documentation and Readme files provided for the release you are using.

. Backup Configuration:#

See WAM Backups and Restores

Backup JSPs#

All JSPs are overwritten by the upgrade process. Be sure to save any custom JSPs before performing upgrade. See Backup JSPs at WAM Backups and Restores

Download patch(s)#

to idpservers

UnZip/tar File:

tar -xzvf <filename>

Upgrading Identity Server(s)#

Support packs#

gzip -d AM_303_SP3_IdentityServer.tar.gz
cd /root/Documents/AM3SP3/novell-access-manager-3.0.3-40
Do each Item on the install menu in order as required.
Please select the installation you wish to perform:
1. Install Novell Access Manager Administration
2. Install Novell Identity Server
3. Install Novell SSLVPN Agent
Select installation (1, 2, 3 or QUIT)[1]:

Currently we do not use the SSLVPN Agent.


Patches like the Interim 2 Release may use a command like:
This will copy/install various files and use the same log files.

h3. Verification Check logs at:


Also verify the version in the Administration Console.

Upgrading LAG(s)#

With SPX, the filename MUST be: lagrpms.tar.gz Rename <filename>.tar.gz to lagrpms.tar.gz

Upload ssh via ssh to IDP servers.

Put the files in:


h3. WARNING External LAGs The External LAGs are in the DMZ and can only communicate to servers on the "core" network on assigned ports. If an upgrade is attempted and the LAG can not receive the file it will be reflected in the /var/log/lagupgrade.log file like:

Downloading http://su-iamwpapptst01.homeoffice.anfcorp.com:9080/downloads/AM3SP3/lagrpms.tar.gz failed

The file will then be available at: http://su-iamwpapptst01.homeoffice.anfcorp.com/downloads/AM3SP3/lagrpms.tar.gz


In the Administration Console, click Access Manager > Access Gateways > <Name of Server> > Upgrade. In the Upgrade URL field, specify the URL from which to download the upgraded version of the server. The URL must begin with a scheme (http://, https:// etc) and end with the filename. With SP3, the filename MUST be: lagrpms.tar.gz

Select either Upgrade Now and or select Schedule Upgrade.


To check the status of upgrade, do one of the following:
  • Click Access Gateways > <Name of Server> > Upgrade > View Upgrade Log to view the upgrade log.
  • Or tail -f /var/log/lagupgrade.log
  • Check the health of the Access Gateway. When the upgrade command is successfully sent, the Access Gateway should be in a green state. As the upgrade proceeds, the health should turn red when the Access Gateway is stopped, white when the Access Gateway is disconnected and rebooting, then green.

NOTE: For geeks that want to know. The file is downloaded via curl) to: /opt/novell/devman/jcc/lagrpms.tar.gz Once it is downloaded, it is removed.

Checked log: Successfully upgraded the system with Linux Access Gateway rpms All green in Device Manager

Also verify the version in the Administration Console.

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