NDAP or Novell Directory Access Protocol, is built on top of NCP (NetWare Core Protocol).

Like NCP, and LDAP, NDAP is a request-reply protocol, but unlike NCP, NDAP is a messaging protocol.

Since an NDS request or reply can be larger than a single packet, NDS messages can be fragmented across multiple packets and reassembled by NDS before NDS hands the message to the NDS agent for processing.

NCP is not a transport protocol, and thus it relies on other protocols to transport packets on the wire. Since NDAP is built on top of NCP, any transport protocol supported by NCP is automatically supported by NDAP.

In NetWare 4.x, NCP supports Internet Protocol Exchange™ and IPX encapsulated by IP (called NetWare/IP™) as its transport protocols.

In NetWare 5.x, NCP supports IPX and IP as its transport protocol; the NetWare server can be configured to support IPX/SPX, TCP/IP, or both.

NDS 8 on NT, Solaris and later versions referred to as EDirectory use TCP/IP as the transport protocol since TCP/IP is their native supported transport protocol.



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