NDS Obituaries

What are Obituaries#

Since eDirectory is a Distributed Data Store, each server receives updated information through synchronization. Since all the servers in the replica ring are Eventual consistency, the server may not hold the same information at a given time. As a result, each server holds on to the old information until all the other servers receive the updates. eDirectory uses NDS Obituaries to keep track of this type of information and more.

NDS Obituaries are created when an eDirectory object is:#

The obituary itself is an attribute of the object on which the change took place. The reason for an obituary attribute is created is to maintain database consistency between real copies of the object and NDS External References of the changed object.

NDS Obituaries Types#

eDirectory utilizes 14 different NDS Obituaries Types

NDS Obituaries Classifications#

NDS Obituaries Classifications of an obituary determines how it is processed. Currently, there are four classes of obituaries.

NDS Obituary States#

In order for an NDS Obituaries to be processed or deleted from eDirectory the must go through several NDS Obituary States.

You can check on the NDS Obituary States using Ndsrepair



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