NDS Obituary State


NDS Obituary State are used to indicate the processing of the NDS Obituaries

In order for an NDS Obituaries to be processed or deleted from eDirectory the must go through several NDS Obituary States.

Most NDS Obituaries must go through the following NDS Obituary State in order:

  • FLAGS 0000 (this is an Issued or Unprocessed state) - The DSA that initially processed the entry, notifies all other DSAs in Replica List.
  • FLAGS 0001 (this is the Notified state) - All DSAs have responded that they have been Notified.
  • FLAGS 0002 (this is the Ok TO Purge state) - All DSAs have said they flagged the entry as an NDS Obituaries.
  • FLAGS 0004 (this is the Purgeable state) - DSAs may now really remove the entry.

You can check on the NDS Obituary State using Ndsrepair

The EXCEPTIONS to the above are the following:

These are processed by different methods.



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