NDS Threads


NDS Threads are the NDS (eDirectory) Thread and part of a NDS Thread Pool

LDAP NDS Threads#

LDAP, each eDirectory Worker Thread can handle up to 256 concurrent connections. Therefore, with 64 LDAP Worker Threads, eDirectory can handle up to 16,384 concurrent LDAP connections. You use NDSTRACE Example to show NDS Threads
ndstrace -c threads
to see how many active threads are running.

The n4u.server.idle-threads parameter lists the maximum number of idle threads that are allowed in the eDirectory server (the default is 8). This parameter should be set to a value that can handle the average concurrent connection load your system will have. By default, eDirectory is set to receive 2,048 concurrent LDAP connections.

eDirectory Performance Tuning for NDS Threads#

The following parameters should be considered:

Max NDS Threads#

ndsconfig can show and set the settings for Max NDS Threads
ndsconfig get | grep max-threads



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