This was implemented in the release of eDirectory.

The patch may install a new version of the "ndsd" startup/shutdown script. If you have an existing one then it will be renamed to:

    Linux: /etc/init.d/ndsd.
    Solaris: /etc/init.d/ndsd.
    HP-UX: /sbin/init.d/ndsd.

The "ndsd" startup/shutdown script now has the ability to run custom shell scripts that negate the need for modifying the "ndsd" script directly. If you wish to modify the "ndsd" script then instead modify or create one or more of the following files located in the /opt/novell/eDirectory/sbin/ directory:

  • Pre "ndsd" server daemon startup execution: ./pre_ndsd_start
  • Post "ndsd" server daemon startup execution: ./post_ndsd_start
  • Pre "ndsd" server daemon shutdown execution: ./pre_ndsd_stop
  • Post "ndsd" server daemon shutdown execution: ./post_ndsd_stop

Ensure that the scripts are executable by the root user otherwise the main ndsd script will fail when running the custom scripts.

The "ndsd" startup/shutdown script will check for the existence of these files and execute them at the appropriate time during startup or shutdown.

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