Overview #

The Network Information Service or NIS (originally called Yellow Pages or YP) is Sun Microsystems client-server Directory Service protocol for Distributed system configuration data such as user and host names between computers on a computer network.

NIS is a Discovery Mechanism.

Sun Microsystems licenses this technology to virtually all other UNIX vendors.

In many environments other Directory Services, which may be considered to be more modern and secure than NIS, such as LDAP, have come to replace it. For example, many LDAP servers run as a non-root user, and SASL-based encryption or TLS/SSL of LDAP traffic is typically natively supported.

The nameserver functionality NIS and probably LDAP can provide maybe better handled by DNS servers when used on large LANs, leaving just site-wide identification information for NIS master and slave systems to serve. However, some functions such as the distribution of netmask information to clients, as well as the maintenance of e-mail aliases, may still be performed by NIS or LDAP.

NIS and NIS+ Support to be OBSOLETE #

Although it has been rather widely stated that Sun Microsystems will discontinue support for NIS and NIS+, we could find no official statement that states support will be discontinued. Sun Microsystems does recommend that LDAP be used.

Migrating From NIS To LDAP#

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