Overview #

PADL's NIS/LDAP Gateway is a Network Information Service (NIS) server which sources information from LDAP, rather than flat files. With this product, enterprises can migrate organizational knowledge to LDAP whilst maintaining existing NIS clients.

The NIS/LDAP gateway makes a LDAP query for data on each NIS request. (There is some caching performed.)

NIS-to-LDAP Service#

The NIS–to–LDAP transition service (N2L service) replaces existing NIS daemons on the NIS master server with NIS–to–LDAP transition daemons. The N2L service also creates an NIS–to–LDAP mapping file on that server.

The mapping file specifies the mapping between NIS map entries and equivalent Directory Information Tree (DIT) entries in LDAP.

An NIS master server that has gone through this transition is referred to as an N2L server. The slave servers do not have an NISLDAPmapping file, so they continue to function in the usual manner. The slave servers periodically update their data from the N2L server as if it were a regular NIS master.

Unlike the PDAL product, the N2L is designed to read the LDAP data and then build NIS maps (like ypmake) and serve the data as NIS.

We can provide consulting and implementation expertise for the N2L Service.

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