NSA Suite B Cryptography


NSA Suite B Cryptography (Suite B) is a National Security Agency (NSA) recommended a set of interoperable cryptographic algorithms.

NSA Suite B Cryptography standard specifies a mode of operation in which only a specific set of secure cryptographic algorithms are used.

NSA Suite B Cryptography:

Additional NSA Suite B Cryptography items#

  • NSA Suite B Cryptography compliant profile for use with TLS 1.2. When configured for Suite B compliant operation, only the restricted set of cryptographic algorithms listed above will be used.
  • A transitional profile for use with TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1. This profile enables interoperability with non-NSA Suite B Cryptography compliant servers. When configured for NSA Suite B Cryptography transitional operation, additional encryption and hashing algorithms
may be used.

NSA Suite B Cryptography standard is conceptually similar to FIPS 140-2, because it restricts the set of enabled cryptographic algorithms in order to provide an Level Of Assurance.

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