Name Form Description


Name Form Description (NameFormDescription) describes the LDAPSyntaxes for NameForms

Name Form Description are defined in RFC 4512 as written according to the ABNF:

NameFormDescription = LPAREN WSP
    numericoid                 ; object identifier
    [ SP "NAME" SP qdescrs ]   ; short names (descriptors)
    [ SP "DESC" SP qdstring ]  ; description
    [ SP "OBSOLETE" ]          ; not active
    SP "OC" SP oid             ; structural object class
    SP "MUST" SP oids          ; attribute types
    [ SP "MAY" SP oids ]       ; attribute types
    extensions WSP RPAREN      ; extensions
  • numericoid - is object identifier that identifies this name form;
  • NAME <qdescrs> are short names (descriptors) identifying this name form;
  • DESC <qdstring> is a short descriptive string;
  • OBSOLETE flag indicates this name form is not active;
  • OC identifies the STRUCTURAL objectClasses this rule applies to,
  • MUST and MAY specify the sets of required and allowed, respectively, naming attributes for this name form; and <extensions> describe extensions.

All Attribute Types in the required ("MUST") and allowed ("MAY") lists shall be different.

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