Named Headings

Each heading that you use generates also a "named anchor" into the HTML file. This allows you to refer to a section of a wiki page.

For example, if the heading on this page is called

!!This is my heading
The resulting HTML code would look like
<h3><a name="section-NamedHeadings-ThisIsMyHeading">This is my heading</a></h3>

This allows you to refer to the heading from a different wiki page. And you can use it from WikiMarkup as well! For example, saying TextFormattingRules#PreformattedText (which looks like this in WikiMarkup: [{TextFormattingRules#PreformattedText]) refers to the "Preformatted text" -section of the page TextFormattingRules. If you are too lazy to figure out what the link name is, you can also just type the heading as-is: Text formatting rules#Preformatted text.

Note that this does not work with CamelCase links.