Linux-Unix Integration Project#


Performed work as Subject Matter Expert on Unix/Linux Integration, Edirectory and Novell Identity Manager.

Previous Environment#

  • Unix/Linux User Access and Authorization is implemented differently by three different areas within Nationwide.
  • Extensive use of NIS including:
    • User and Group Administration
    • netgroups
    • auto-mounts
    • Solaris printer configurations
    • Solaris Projects
  • Nationwide has several Unix/Linux implementation utilized within their environment; including:
    • SuSe Enterprise Server implemented on the MainFrame. (This is the current preferred platform)
    • Solaris 10 and Solaris 8 (No new Solaris 8 builds will be implemented)
    • Redhat AS-3 and RedHat AS-4 (No new builds will be implemented)
    • HP-UX
    • AIX 5.2 and AIX 5.3
  • Nationwide Services Company has previously implemented Novell Identity Managment System which is utilized to provision employees and other "user" accounts.

Project Objective#

The Objective of the NIS-LDAP Integration project will centralize and standardize how Unix/Linux User Access and Authorization is implemented across the Unix/Linux platforms within the Nationwide Services Company environment.

Project Solution#

The solution as implemented was:


  • Technical guidance for overall project decisions and directions.
  • Schema creation and testing to work with NIS-To-LDAP service and the various OS LDAP Clients
  • Work with Unix/Linux Administrators to develop management methodologies
  • Work with Unix/Linux Administrators to develop LDAP client configuration, implementation and testing strategies.
  • Assistance with implementation time lines and sequences.
  • Assistance with Edirectory and Novell Identity Manager design and implementation.
  • Assistance with internal security and design review documentation and certifications.
  • Used the NIS to LDAP Tool for migration.