Ndsconfig Parameters


As always, consult the EDirectory Documentation to be sure.

Generally, these values are reflected within the Nds.conf file.

These are what we have found.

ParameterDescriptionDefault ValueRange
n4u.base.dclient.use-udpDClient can use UDP in addition to TCP for communicating with NDS servers. thit parameter enables UDP transport.'0'0, 1
n4u.base.slp.max-waitService Location Protocol timeout. This option is supported only by NetIQ SLP and not OpenSLP.'30'3-100
n4u.base.tree-nameThe NDS Tree-name that Account Management uses. This is a mandatory parameter set by the ndsconfig on creation. This parameter cannot be set.
n4u.server.tcp-portServer TCP Port for NCP Requests'524'1-65535
n4u.server.udp-portServer UDP Port for NCP Requests'524'1-65535
n4u.server.max-interfacesNumber of interfaces that NDS should listen on'128'1-2048
n4u.server.max-openfilesNumber of files that NDS can open'65536'64-1000000
n4u.server.max-threadsThe maximum number of NDS Threads that can be started by the NDS server'256'32-512
n4u.server.idle-threadsThe maximum number of idle NDS Threads that are allowed in the NDS server'8'0-128
n4u.server.start-threadsInitial number of NDS Threads to be started up'24'0-256
n4u.server.active-intervalsets the time interval (in milliseconds) within which a NDS Thread should return to the thread pool to be considered active.'10,000'??
n4u.server.log-file-sizeLogger file size'1048576'1048576-2147483647
n4u.server.thread-stack-sizeThread stack size in mb for thread pool on Linux'1'1-4
n4u.server.listen-on-loopbackAllow NCP traffic over loopback address'1'
n4u.server.mask-port-numberMask port number on network addresses'1'
n4u.server.configdirThe eDirectory configuration files nds.conf and others are placed here/etc
n4u.server.vardirThe eDirectory and utilities log files are placed here./var/opt/novell/eDirectory/log
n4u.server.libdirThe eDirectory specific libraries are placed here in the nds-modules directory/opt/novell/eDirectory/lib
n4u.server.sid-cachingEnables SSL session ID caching. Refer to the SSL v3.0 RFC for more details about session ID caching in SSL'no'
n4u.server.interfacesList of IP addresses (e.g. to be used. They are separated commas'@524'
n4u.server.log-levelsDefault log level for error logging'LogFatal'
n4u.server.log-fileDefault log file for error logging'/var/opt/novell/eDirectory/log/ndsd.log'
n4u.server.xdas-confDefault configuration file for XDAS'
n4u.server.signature-levelSignature Level determines the level of enhanced security support. Increasing this value increases security, but decreases performance.'1'0-3
n4u.nds.advertise-life-timeNDS re-registers itself with Directory Agent after this period.'3600'1-65535
n4u.nds.external-reference-life-spanSpecifies the number of hours for which unused external references will be allowed to exist before being removed.'192'1-384
n4u.nds.inactivity-synchronization-intervalThe interval in minutes, during which full synchronization of replicas is performed following a period of no change to the information held in NDS Server.'60'2-1440
n4u.nds.janitor-intervalSets the interval in minutes after which the NDS Server janitor process is executed.'2'1-10080
n4u.nds.purger-intervalSets the interval in minutes after which the NDS Server purger process is executed.'30'1-10080
n4u.nds.backlink-intervalSets the interval in minutes after which NDS Server backlink consistency checking is performed.'780'2-10080
n4u.nds.purger-intervalSets the interval in minutes after which the NDS Server purger process is executed.'30'1-10080
n4u.nds.backlink-intervalSets the interval in minutes after which NDS Server backlink consistency checking is performed.'780'2-10080
n4u.nds.drl-intervalSets the interval in minutes after which NDS Server distributed reference link consistency checking is performed.'780'2-10080
n4u.nds.flatcleaning-intervalSets the interval, in minutes, at which the flatcleaner process automatically begins purging and deleting entries from NDS.'720'2-10080
n4u.nds.server-state-up-thresholdSets the NDS Server state up threshold in minutes, which is the time at which NDS checks the server state before returning -625 errors.'30'1-720
n4u.nds.heartbeat-schemaSets the heartbeat base schema synchronization interval in minutes.'240'2-1440
n4u.nds.heartbeat-dataSets the heartbeat synchronization interval in minutes.'60'2-1440
n4u.nds.dofsyncDo an fsync() call after each database transaction. Setting this to 0 will increase performance significantly for large databases, but there is a risk of database corruption if the system crashes'1'0-1
n4u.nds.server-nameName of the NDS Server.
n4u.nds.dibdirThe NDS database path'
n4u.nds.preferred-serverDClient can use a`preferred server' if one is available.
n4u.nds.server-guidGlobally Unique Identifier for the NDS Server.'
n4u.nds.synchronization-restrictionsOFF allows synchronization with any version of DS. ON restricts synchronization to version numbers specified as parameters. For example, ON, 420, 421.'off'
n4u.nds.bindery-contextBindery context string.
n4u.nds.server-contextThe context in to which the NDS Server is added.'
n4u.ldap.lburp.transizeNumber of records per transaction that is used by the LDAP server for LBURP bulkload.'25'1-10000
http.server.request-io-buffer-sizeSize of IO Buffer to be used'8192'512-16384
http.server.request_timeout-secondsHTTP Request timeout in seconds'300'5-1800
http.server.keep-timeout-secondsHTTP Keep alive timeout in seconds'15'5-1800
http.server.threads-per-processorNumber of threads used by http server.'2'1-64
http.server.session-exp-secondsHTTP server session timeout in seconds'900'60-7200
http.server.trace-levelDiagnostic level of HTTP server'2'1-5
http.server.clear-portHTTP Server clear text port'8028'1-65535
http.server.bind-restrictionsDiagnostic level of HTTP bind restriction'2'0-3
http.server.tls-portHTTP Server secure port'8030'1-65535
http.server.auth-req-tlsHTTP server authentication requires TLS'1'
http.server.interfacesList of IP addresses separated by comma to be used by http server'@8028'
https.server.interfacesList of IP addresses separated by comma to be used by https server'@8030'
http.server.sadmin-passwdHTTP server session admins password
http.server.module-baseHTTP server base directory'/opt/novell/eDirectory/lib64/nds-modules/nds-http/'
https.server.cached-cert-dnHTTPS server cached certificate DN'
https.server.cached-server-dnHTTPS cached server DN



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