ndspassstore - Utility to store the encrypted password for SAdmin or eDirectory user.


ndspassstore -a <Username> -w <Password>

ndspassstore -h


ndspassstore is a utility used to store username and password as encrypted key value pairs. The main use case for this utilty is for SAdmin user to login to http protocol stack and edirectory users for utilities.

The ndspassstore is a utility used to store encrypted password for the eDirectory user. The ndspassstore requires NDS style userDN and password as an option. This utility is available on Unix and linux. The ndspassstore uses NICI for encryption.

NDSBACKUP utility retrieves the stored password from ndspassstore utility after passing the keyword 'passstore' instead of password along with option '-p'. This will not reveal the password using 'ps' command.

By default, this utility is available at /opt/novell/eDirectory/bin in UNIX.


  • -a UsernameThis option is used to accept the username (for SAdmin and eDirectory user).
  • -w PasswordThis option is used to accept the password (user password) for authentication.
  • -h This option is used to display the help file for this utility.


ndspassstore -a <Username> -w <Password>

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