Ndstrace Anomalies


We describe some of the Ndstrace Anomalies we have encountered.

TLS Accept Failure 5#

BIO ctrl called with unknown cmd#

The TID: "BIO ctrl called with unknown cmd 7 message in LDAP Trace" describes this as:[1]

"This is a cosmetic error from the LDAP server. BIO is an I/O abstraction used by SSL, and control operations related to LDAP SSL connections are passed to the LDAP server. The LDAP Server is monitoring these controls for certain events such as adding or removing BIOs from a chain, writing out data, or an EOF signal. When the LDAP Server receives any other BIO controls that aren't specifically "subscribed" to this message will be printed. The existence of this message is unrelated to the success or failure of the BIO operation, and shouldn't affect functionality of either LDAP or SSL.

In the particular case of cmd 7, the server received a BIO_CTRL_POP."[2]

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