Ndstrace Log Searches


Often we find ourselves digging through a Ndstrace Log Searches log files looking for that proverbial needle.
We found these Ndstrace Log Searches that seem to work pretty well in assisting.

LDAP Entry Operations#

All of these can be more specific by adding the FDN of the specific LDAP Entry similar to:
  • add Request - grep for "add: dn (cn=jwilleke,ou=people,dc=example,dc=com)'

modify Request Attribute Operations#


  • grep for "Search Request:' - The lines following this will be the full request.
  • find specific attribute being searched for - grep for 'attribute: <attribute-Name>'
  • find specific LDAP SearchFilter - grep for 'filter: <(specificFilter)>'

LDAP Result Codes#

To find generic LDAP Result Codes which are not LDAP_SUCCESS grep for 'NDS error:'

These can be more specific to find only the desired NDS error by using:

Bind Request specific LDAP Result Codes#


Be sure to use set ndstrace=+TAGS as the first entry on the line will be the "TAG" which will identify the connection for the current operation.



More Information#

There might be more information for this subject on one of the following: