Notify and Reset Subscriber Filter


Notify and Reset Subscriber Filter, refers to the Subscriber side for the driver filter, performs the following functions before it is sent Translation Processor:
  • filters out any Notify attributes values that might exist in the XDS Document for the Subscriber Channel.
  • resets any attributes values marked "Reset" to the the obtained from the Publisher Channel

Any other values that are in the XDS Document are permitted to go to the Translation Processor and then to the Connected Application if required.


When the DirXML Filter has a value set to RESET, then the engine will send a document to the Subscriber Channel similar to:
    <modify class-name="User" from-reset="true" qualified-src-dn="dc=com\dc=willeke\OU=people\OU=Int\uniqueID=molly1" src-dn="net\willeke\people\Int\molly1" src-entry-id="203791">
      <modify-attr attr-name="L">
          <value timestamp="1375354879#36" type="string">HOUSTON</value>
          <value timestamp="1408446289#7" type="string">CYPRESS</value>

The key XML Attribute to notice is the from-reset value is present.

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