Here's a summary of how to setup integrated authentication between Novell's JDBC Driver and Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

First, you should use the remote loader because the 2005 JDBC driver becomes a native driver (type 2) when you tell it to use sqljdbc_auth.dll for integrated authentication (read it's no longer Java so any bugs in said dll will abend the eDirectory process if it proves to be buggy).

  1. ) Copy sqljdbc_auth.dll into the root-level remote loader directory (e.g., c:\novell\remote_loader).
  2. ) Restart the remote loader service.
  3. ) The remote loader process has to run as the Windows user authenticating to the database. In this case, I created a user named Jason on both machines w/ the same password. Keep in mind, I'm not using a domain controller. The simplest way to do this is to login as the user and start the remote loader under the current session.
  4. ) Using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (Enterprise Manager + Query Analyzer all rolled-up in one), manually assign similar permissions you'd give to the "idm" user when using SQL Server authentication. For the sake of time, I made the Jason user a minor deity by granting him liberal permissions.
  5. ) There's a limitation in the existing Novell JDBC driver in that it requires a username. To work around this, go ahead and provide one even though it won't be used at authentication time.
  6. ) Set the integratedSecurity property in the JDBC URL to true. If you don't know what this means, consult Microsoft's documentation and it will make sense.
  7. ) Start the driver as usual and wallah, it works!

Thanks to Jason Elsberry

Windows 2000 MS SQL#

  1. . Put jtds.jar in C:NovellRemoteLoader\lib
  2. . Put ntlmauth.dll in C:NovellRemoteLoader
  3. . JDBC Driver config:
    • Authentication ID: idm (windows account)
    • Authentication context: jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://;domain=TEST
    • Remote loader connection parameters: hostname= port=8090
    • Application password: novell

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