NspmComplexityRules determine the Password Quality for Universal Password Policy
We are not certain this is technically supported and the normal iManager interface does not, at least as of when we last observed imanager, provide a dialog to work with the NspmComplexityRules attribute.

NspmComplexityRules allow more flexibility than the "normal" imanager dialog to modify the Password-composition Policy for nspmPasswordPolicyDN

NspmComplexityRules Content#

NspmComplexityRules is a base64 encoded attribute and when decoded you would see something similar to:
    <Rule MinPwdLen="6" />
    <Rule MaxPwdLen="128" />
  <RuleSet ViolationsAllowed="1">
    <Rule MinUppercase="1" />
    <Rule MinLowercase="1" />
    <Rule MinNumeric="1" />
    <Rule MinSpecial="1" />

LDAP Attribute Definition#

The NspmComplexityRules AttributeTypes is defined as:

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