ObjectGUID is an Attribute-Names which represents a Universally Unique Identifier as used in Microsoft Active Directory.

LDAP Microsoft Active Directory Attribute Definition#

The ObjectGUID AttributeTypes is defined as:

ObjectGUID LDAP SearchFilters#

In order to form an LDAP SearchFilter that searches based on an ObjectGUID, the GUID value must be entered in a special syntax in the filter - where each byte in the hexadecimal representation of the GUID must be escaped with a Backslash () symbol. To provide an example, in order to search for an object with hexadecimal GUID "90395F191AB51B4A9E9686C66CB18D11", the corresponding filter should be set as:

Endian Ordering Issue#

If we look at a (Object GUID) it looks like:

The order is due to the Endian Ordering used by Microsoft Active Directory

Universally Unique Identifier#

ObjectGUID is generally a Universally Unique Identifier other than the format differs from the UUID standard only in the byte order of the first 3 fields.

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