Overview[1] #

OpenDJ is a LDAPv3 compliant LDAP Server Implementation, developed for the Java platform, providing a high performance, highly available and secure store for the identities managed by enterprises. Its easy installation process, combined with the power of the Java platform makes of OpenDJ the simplest and fastest directory server to deploy and manage.

OpenDJ is an extension of the Sun Microsystems' initiated OpenDS project and offers a fully supported product for it.

One of the strong things in this distribution is the available tool set.

When we do not have access on a platform we have been using the open source openDJ files which has an great LDAPSEARCH utility that will even allow calling supportedExtension.


Mostly from the WEB site:
  • Open Source: OpenDJ is the only 100% commercial open source LDAP directory server available on the market today.
  • Open Access: Our flexible data model lets developers choose REST, SCIM, LDAP, or Web Services for access
  • Open Architecture: 100% Java architecture supports the most demanding SLA environments with high throughput and response times.
  • Provides access through REST API, SCIM, LDAP, and Web Services (]DSML]v2) to ensure maximum interoperability with client applications



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