OpenDS is an open source, high-performance, pure Java Directory Server that supports the LDAP (full support for LDAPv3 and limited support for LDAPv2), and also offers support for the Directory Services Markup Language through a DSML to LDAP Gateway.

The primary site for the OpenDS project, including the source repository, issue tracker, and mailing lists, is available at https://opends.dev.java.net/. Additional information, including the documentation wiki, daily builds, and source browser are available at http://www.opends.org/.

OpenDS is licensed under the Common Development And Distribution License. See https://opends.dev.java.net/public/community_index.html for information on joining or contributing to the OpenDS project.

We are assuming that OpenDJ, is a derivative of OpenDS is a new LDAPv3 compliant directory service, developed for the Java platform, providing a high performance, highly available and secure store for the identities managed by enterprises. Its easy installation process, combined with the power of the Java platform makes of OpenDJ the simplest and fastest directory server to deploy and manage.

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