OpenID Connect Mobile Discovery Profile


OpenID Connect Mobile Discovery Profile is a Discovery Mechanism which specifies a way to normalize a user identifier to derive a resource and especially a host for OpenID Connect Discovery.

While the OpenID Connect Discovery works well for identifiers as email addresses and URLs, it does not work for typical identifiers from the Mobile Network Operators space. When in a mobile environment, and using Mobile Device, MSISDN's or IP Addresses are typical resources identifying a user or the respective Mobile Network Operator (MNO).

The structure of those identifiers does not allow for an algorithmic normalization. Thus it will be necessary to have a specific service to perform the normalization.

OpenID Connect Mobile Discovery Profile specifies the interface of this service. Part of the interface specification will be the identification of possible user input identifier types relevant in the Mobile Connect scenario.

Remark: Some of those user input identifier types may not identify a single user/device but may be sufficient to identify the right Mobile Network Operator. An example for this is the MNC/MCC tuple (mobile network code/ mobile country code) or the IP address range.

OpenID Connect Mobile Discovery Profile also specifies how a client registers with the MNO discovery service and how Account Chooser service Account Chooser can be used to further improve user experience in the overall OpenID Connect MODRNA Authentication Profile 1.0.

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