OpenID Connect Profile for SCIM Services


OpenID Connect Profile for SCIM Services is an internet Draft

SCIM RFC 7644 is an IETF protocol that enables HTTP clients to retrieve and manage cross-domain identities. OpenID Connect 1.0 is a simple identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 RFC 6749 protocol which offers access to profile information through a Userinfo_endpoint (see Section 5.3 OpenID.Core).

OpenID Connect Profile for SCIM Services specification defines how OpenID Connect relying parties may discover availability of and register for, and access, SCIM services as part of an OpenID Connect Provider services.

This specification defines the following metadata:

  • Discovery metadata indicating the availability of a SCIM protocol base endpoint.
  • Dynamic registration metadata that is used to indicate a clients intent to use the SCIM protocol and its associated endpoint.
  • An additional ID Token claim which specifies the SCIM resource endpoint and identifier associated with the authenticate subject.
In addition to the above metadata attributes and claims, the specification will also show how a client MAY access the SCIM endpoint.

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