OpenID Connect User Questioning API


OpenID Connect User Questioning API defines a specific API used by a OAuth Client (i.e. Service Provider) in order to question an End-User (Resource Owner) and get his Statement (i.e. his answer).

The question is a short interrogative sentence (e.g. "Which product do you want to order ?") and the statement (e.g. "the blue one") is selected amongst proposed statements (e.g. "none", "the blue one", "the red one") that are also short texts.

This API is specified as an OAuth 2.0-protected Resource Server accessible with an Access_token.

The OAuth Client can use the API defined in this specification whether the End-User is currently using the OAuth Client or not.

OpenID Connect User Questioning API is an Asynchronous Operation API. There are 2 main ways to get the End-User's Statement: the first one requires some polling of the API and the second requires the OAuth Client to expose a callback endpoint.

OpenID Connect User Questioning API is a Specification from the OpenID Foundation Working Group Mobile Operator Discovery, Registration & Authentication

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