OpenID Foundation


OpenID Foundation (OIDF) promotes, protects and nurtures the OpenID community and technologies.

OpenID Foundation is a non-profit international standardization organization of individuals and companies committed to enabling, promoting and protecting OpenID technologies. Formed in June 2007, the foundation serves as a public trust organization representing the open community of developers, vendors, and users. OIDF assists the community by providing needed infrastructure and help in promoting and supporting expanded adoption of OpenID. This entails managing intellectual property and brand marks as well as fostering viral growth and global participation in the proliferation of OpenID.

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OpenID specifications#

OpenID Foundation specifications are developed by OpenID Working Groups and go through three phases:
  • Drafts - These are similar to Internet Drafts and may or may not advance to the next phase.
  • Implementer’s Drafts - Typically these are used for interop testing among prototype implementations
  • Final Specifications - Are Standards
Implementer’s Drafts and Final Specifications provide Intellectual Property protections to implementers. Final Specifications are OpenID Foundation standards.

There are also:

  • Inactive Drafts
  • Obsolete Specifications
    • (Example) Final OpenID 2.0 specifications

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