Operating System


Operating System (OS or DOS) - We hope you know what this is.

Ldapwiki may use Operating System, Disk Operating System, DOS, or OS to imply the same entity. Ldapwiki is sure that some folks could find symantec reasons why it is incorrect and they may be correct.

Common Operating Systems:

Microsoft Disk Operating System (MS-DOS) was introduced in 1981 it the the well known Operating System and was compatible with several other manufactures there were some others:

  • DR DOS (since 1988 by Digital Research, later Novell INC, Caldera Systems, Lineo, and DeviceLogics)
  • ROM-DOS (since 1989 by Datalight)
  • PTS-DOS (since 1993 by Paragon Technology and PhysTechSoft),

Previously almost every computer manufacture had their own Operating System.

Dozens of other operating systems also use the acronym "Operating System", including the

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