Optimize Modify Processor

Optimize Modify Processor#

The Optimize Modify processor exists because writing to EDirectory is expensive (slow) compared to querying eDirectory.

If we compare the attribute value from the current transaction with what is already in eDirectory, and discard attributes that contain the same value, we may gain performance by dropping unnecessary writes before they happen. This behavior is controlled per attribute and set in the driver's filter.

The Optimize Modify Processor is triggered only on <modify> events going into eDirectory.

The Optimize Modify Processor happens before the Command Transformation Policy Set.

There is no equivalent block in the Subscriber channel.

Optimize Modification Settings#

Optimize Modification determines how the Optimize Modify Processor handles each attribute and is determined by the setting within the Novell IDM Driver Filters interface within iManager or Novell Designer
  • Yes: Changes to this attribute are examined on the Publisher channel to determine the minimal change made in the Identity Vault.
  • No: Changes are not examined.

When an operation is a Modify on the Publisher channel, the Metadirectory engine examines the current state of the object in the Identity Vault and changes the Modify to update only the values that are changing. For example, if an object has attributes of a, b, c, and d and the Publisher channel receives a Modify event to remove all existing values and add a, b, d, and e, the optimize process knows that the minimal change is to remove d and add e.

Using this option can take a long time to process events on attributes that have more than 1,000 values.

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