Oracle (OID) Changelog


If you are using the changelog with Oracle Internet Directory and DirXML be sure the account that logs into Oracle Internet Directory has sufficient rights to read the changelog entires.

You should be able to read the changelog with a search like:

ldapsearch -h -D cn=orcladmin -w pwd -b "cn=changelog" -s one "(changetype=*)"

Substitute the appropriate values for the "cn=orcladmin" and the "pwd" for your account.

DSTrace #

If you do not have rights you will get a message in dstrace like:
11:09:50 653B0240 Drvrs: OID-LDAP-032796 PT: OID-LDAP-032796: LDAPPublisher.processChangeLogEntries() res.next() Error: LDAPException: Insufficient Access Rights (50) Insufficient Access Rights
LDAPException: Matched DN: 

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