Oracle Internet Directory and DirXML Moves


After spending a couple of days struggling with my code, I was enlightened with:

This is a known issue with moves and the LDAP driver and it seems to be
specific to OID servers. We are planning to resolve the problem in an
upcoming release of the driver. I just wanted to let you know that we are
aware of the issue and working on it. Thanks for the report.

Steve (A Novell IDM Engineer)

More on Moves and Oracle Internet Directory#

First, the conditions. Apparently we have IDM 2.0 and we were told the original version with out any updates. To even obtain this information required a support call with Novell.

The version we are using of Oracle Internet Directory (as reported in the rootDSE) is: OID which is what we were told comes in 10g.

NOTE: This condition has been fixed in later versions of the JDBC driver.

The problem#

When we performed a move in the Identity Vault (edirectory) we wanted the object moved within Oracle Internet Directory.

What happened was the move became a rename, to the same old name.

The Solution#

Working with a Novell engineer it was discovered that the ldap.jar file that is used with the LDAP driver, to send ldap calls to Oracle Internet Directory had a flaw.

The files involved:

  • Old ldap.jar file was dated 4/8/2004 and was 337 KB
  • New ldap.jar file is dated 2/9/2006 and was 432 KB

After placing the new ldap.jar file in SYS:System\lib (Netware) the moves worked.

Thread in Novell forums. Moves Not Working

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