Other Mailbox


Other Mailbox syntax identifies an electronic mailbox, in a particular named mail system.

The LDAP-specific encoding of a value of this syntax is defined by the following ABNF:

OtherMailbox = mailbox-type DOLLAR mailbox
mailbox-type = PrintableString
mailbox      = IA5String
  • <mailbox-type> rule represents the type of mail system in which the mailbox resides (for example, "MCIMail"),
  • <mailbox> is the actual mailbox in the mail system described by <mailbox-type>.
  • <PrintableString> and <IA5String> rules
  • <DOLLAR> rule is defined in RFC 4512.

The LDAP definition for the Other Mailbox syntax is:
( DESC 'Other Mailbox' )

The ASN.1 type corresponding to the Other Mailbox syntax is defined as follows, assuming EXPLICIT TAGS:

OtherMailbox ::= SEQUENCE {
    mailboxType  PrintableString,
    mailbox      IA5String

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