Our Approach

Our Approach#

We have determined that we can provide the greatest value to our clients by following an outline for our IDM projects.

As IDM projects can involve many different entities, consensus is very important to the overall success of the project. Workshops that focus on consensus provides the highest quality results and prevents resistance as all stakeholders are able to provide input and express their concerns during the project.


Just to make sure all team members and stakeholders are all expect the same outcomes.
  • Determine and Confirm Common understanding of goals, scope & direction with entire team
  • Review approach and deliverables of the engagement – requirements & design with supporting plan for next steps
  • Confirm schedule and participants


We have found that the more participation from clients the better the outcome of the project. During this phase we speak with all stakeholders and seek cooperation and consensus to bring to the forefront any items that could cause problems within the project.
  • Work together to understand the business and technical environments, key challenges, issues and opportunities
  • Application of best practices & expertise within the IDM space
  • Approach will leverage facilitated, consensus-driven workshops


  • Summarize findings from the workshops, additional research and expert analysis
  • Document requirements and impacts; coupled with the development & validation of a solution architecture & supporting detailed design document


  • Present and review findings with requirements and design document
  • Finalize solution architecture and supporting data, testing and development environment
  • Agreement on next steps; project plan and work breakdown structure to move forward to without delay

Continuous Updating and Reviewing#

Each workshop involves reviewing and updating each of the following:
  • Parking Lot - Topics that consensus has not been created.
  • Issues/Risks - Any project related Issues or Risks.
  • Assumptions - Assumptions that are agreed upon and other decisions maybe based on.
  • Constraints - Any constraints that have been placed on the project.
  • Action Items - Items that need action from the team members
  • Glossary - All the terms we throw around and need to reference.

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