Overview Of Linux-Unix Fanout Driver

What the Linux/Unix Fan-out Does#

When properly configured, with no modification to the provided scripts, the fan-out driver will:
  • Create users on the Linux-Unix platforms with the password from eDirectory with a /home directory.
  • Remove users when deleted from eDirectory including their /home directory.
  • When the password is changed in eDirectory, the password will be changed on the platform.

In addition, using the provided PAM modules, eDirectory can be used for the authentication store.

How it Works#

The Fan-Out driver has two functional divisions.
  • Authentication Services Provides real-time eDirectory access for user authentication and related purposes.
  • Identity Provisioning Provides user and group management.
The Fan-Out driver has two principal parts.
  • The Core Driver Interfaces with eDirectory to provide Authentication Services (such as password verification) and provisioning events (such as Add User or Remove Group).
  • Platform Services Uses the core driver to bring common authentication and account life cycle management to a broad selection of supported platforms.

Details for the Linux-Unix Fanout Driver#

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