P-256 (also seen as: Secp256r1 prime256v1 1.2.840.10045.3.1.7) is a Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm using a 256-bit prime field Weierstrass elliptic function Elliptic Curve.

A randomly generated curve. SEC2v1 states 'E was chosen verifiably at random as specified in ANSI X9.62 1 from the seed'.

P-256 is used in WebAuthN (U2F), and CBOR

The Digital Signature Standard defines Elliptic Curve P-256:

  • p = 115792089210356248762697446949407573530086143415290314195533631308867097853951
  • n = 115792089210356248762697446949407573529996955224135760342422259061068512044369
  • SEED = c49d3608 86e70493 6a6678e1 139d26b7 819f7e90
  • c = 7efba166 2985be94 03cb055c 75d4f7e0 ce8d84a9 c5114abc af317768 0104fa0d
  • b = 5ac635d8 aa3a93e7 b3ebbd55 769886bc 651d06b0 cc53b0f6 3bce3c3e 27d2604b
  • G x = 6b17d1f2 e12c4247 f8bce6e5 63a440f2 77037d81 2deb33a0 f4a13945 d898c296
  • G y = 4fe342e2 fe1a7f9b 8ee7eb4a 7c0f9e16 2bce3357 6b315ece cbb64068 37bf51f5

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