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PKCS #12 is one of the Public-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS) which was titled Personal Information Exchange Syntax Standard which is described in RFC 7292

PKCS12 defines a file format commonly used to store Private Keys with accompanying Public Key certificates, protected with a password-based Symmetric Key. PFX is a predecessor to PKCS #12.

PKCS12 is a container format can contain multiple embedded objects, such as multiple certificates. Usually protected/encrypted with a password. Usable as a format for the Java KeyStore and to establish client authentication certificates in Mozilla Firefox. Usable by Apache Tomcat.

PKCS12, also called Personal Information Exchange format (PFX), enables the transfer of certificates and their corresponding Private Keys from one computer to another or from a computer to removable media.

Because exporting a Private Key might expose it to unintended parties, the PKCS12 format is the recommended format for exporting a certificate and its associated private key.

It is used in Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer with their import and export options.

The filename extension for PKCS12 files is ".p12" or ".pfx".[3] These files can be created, parsed and read out with the OpenSSL pkcs12 command.

Primary purpose of PKCS12 is transport or backup.

PKCS12 Certificate Format Characteristics::

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