PWFILTER Windows Events


These are the DirXML PWFILTER.DLL events we know about.[1]

PWFILTER Windows Events is part of the Password Flow From Active Directory to eDirectory in regards to the DirXML PWFILTER.DLL.

Information0The password filter has been fully initialized. Domain Name = DomainName, Computer Name = ComputerName, Host Name = HostNameIdentity Manager successfully initialized the PassSync utility.
Error The password filter could not initialize its registry values.Identity Manager could not open the registry key /HKLM/SOFTWARE/NOVELL/PWFILTER.
Error The password synchronization notification for user UserName failedPwfilter could not send a password notification to the PassSync utility for this user account.
Error The password for user UserName could not be changed.Identity Manager could not change the password for the specified user account.
Error The password filter RPC server failed to load.The PassSync remote procedure call (RPC) server could not initialize. Check that RPC services are running on the server.
Error The password for user UserName in directory DirectoryName was not synchronized because the password change timed out.Identity Manager could not synchronize passwords for the specified user because the key exceeded its time to live as set in the driver.
Warning The Cryptographic Service Provider has defaulted to CSPProvider. Encryption will be downgraded to the standards of this provider. Execution of the password synchronization server will not be affected. If higher encryption standards are required, please contact your network administrator.Identity Manager has defaulted to using the base Cryptographic Service Provider (CSP) specified in the event description.
Error A request to allocate RequestedSize bytes of memory failed. Tag value = TagValue.Identity Manager could not allocate the requested memory.
Error Driver NOT synchronizing passwords with the domain controllerIdentity Manager and the Active Directory driver are not synchronizing passwords with this domain controller (DC). This may be due to pwfilter not being installed or being installed incorrectly.
Information8Driver is synchronizing passwords with the domain controllerInformationIdentity Manager and the Active Directory driver are successfully synchronizing passwords with this DC

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