Packet (or Datagram) which is part of a Frame and is a formatted unit of data carried by a Packet switching network.

Packet consists of control information and user data, which is also known as the payload. Control information provides data for delivering the payload, for example: source and destination network addresses, error detection codes, and sequencing information. Typically, control information is found in Packet headers and trailers.

When referencing the message at the OSI-Model Data-link Layer, where the MAC Address is used, the entire message is called a Frame.
When referencing the message art the Network Layer, where the IP Address is used, then the message is called a Packet

communications links that do not support Packet, such as traditional Point-to-Point Protocol telecommunications links (Circuit switching), simply transmit data as a bit stream. When data is formatted into Packet, packet switching is possible and the bandwidth of the communication medium can be better shared among users than with circuit switching.

Packet and Datagram#

Packet and Datagram are generally the same. Some folks will be define a Packet as any data on a Reliable protocol or Unreliable protocol where a Datagram is used only on a Unreliable protocol. We generally see the two used interchangeably.

Packet eDirectory (NCP Packet)#

NCP Packet is a Packet as used in eDirectory and Netware Core Protocol (NCP)

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