Palantir Gotham


Palantir Gotham, by Palantir Technologies, (formerly known as Palantir Government) integrates Structured data and Unstructured data, provides search and discovery capabilities, knowledge management, and secure collaboration.

Palantir Gotham includes the privacy and civil liberties protections mandated by legal requirements such as those in the 9/11 Commission Implementation Act of 2004. Palantir’s privacy controls purportedly keep investigations focused, as opposed to the expansive data mining techniques that have drawn criticism from privacy advocates concerned about civil liberties protection. Palantir maintains security tags(?) at a granular level

Palantir Gotham is marketed to Fusion centers where the software integrates data from disparate sources in any format, structured or unstructured, from Suspicious Activity Reports to criminal records, Automated License Plate Reader (LPR) data, calls for service, field interview reports, DMV records, and more. With data in a unified environment, users can search across local, state, regional, and federal data sources simultaneously to make subtle connections that go undetected when data is fragmented across multiple systems.

Palantir Gotham is clearly a Identity Correlation product.

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