Partition Root Entry

Overview #

The Partition Root Entry is the top entry in a User-Defined Partition which will also have the Partition ObjectClass

Partition Root Entry can be identified by the DS_PARTITION_ROOT entryFlags being present.

For normal operations, including EDirectory Synchronization, to be successful, the Partition Root Entry on each server must store several important attributes and their values:

  • Replica Pointers Attribute - The local server stores a pointer to the remote servers that contain a replica of this partition. This pointer structure contains, among other things, the server's ID, address, and the type of replica stored on the server.
  • Partition Control Attribute - The local server uses this attribute to track the progress of operations such as splitting and joining partitions and repairing time stamps.
  • Partition Status Attribute - The local server uses this attribute to store information about the success of the last synchronization cycle.
  • Synchronized Up To Attribute - NetWare 4.x or earlier servers use this attribute to store a time stamp that indicates the last update the local replica received from each remote replica.
  • LocalReceivedUpTo Attribute - Used in EDirectory 8.x, a non-synchronizing SINGLE-VALUED attribute whose value represents the current state in time that the local eDirecotry agent has received changes up to in EDirectory Synchronization.
  • Transitive Vector Attribute - eDirectory 8.x or later servers use this attribute to store information about each replica in the ring, and the attribute includes a modification time stamp.

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