PassSyncConfig.cpl is the control Panel Applet for the DirXML Password Synchronization process.

PassSyncConfig.cpl is a component used for Password Flow From Active Directory to eDirectory

PassSyncConfig.cpl uses the C:\Novell\IDM_PassSync\w64 folder (by default) to verify the DCs status as it relates to the DirXML PWFILTER.DLL etc.

PassSyncConfig.cpl must run with permissions of Domain Administrative Account to properly configure DirXML Password Synchronization process.

PassSyncConfig.cpl exists on each DirXML Remote Loader and has a "\Novell\IDM_PassSync\w64" folder. This MUST contain the current desired version of the ADDriver including passsync files.

Copy from extracted update package: <addriverfp>\x64\windows

Open the newly installed PassSyncConfig.cpl as a Domain Administrative Account.

Check the status of each Domain Controller.

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