Password Considerations and Requirements


Usually there are often pre-existing password and account Security Considerations that the IdM Architecture will is expected to be compliant.

Some often identified requirements are:

  • Passwords required? - For All entries?
  • Password Quality - Are there requirements as to numbers, special characters etc.
  • Minimum Password Length - What is the minimum length of a password
  • Password Unique required - Can passwords be re-used? If not how many passwords kept for comparison?
  • Password Allow Change - Can all entries change their own password?
  • Password Expiration Interval - How many days can the same password be used?
  • Login Intruder Attempts - How many attempts can be performed until the account is locked?
  • Login Intruder Reset Time - How long is the account to be locked?
  • Login Grace Limit - If a password is expired, can the user login to change their password?

How are passwords to be managed? #

How are passwords to be managed?

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