Password Dictionary


Password Dictionary is a list or service that provides passwords that are either considered too Simple or compromised.

Password Dictionary is a of dictionary words, leaked password databases and books.

Password Dictionary are often used by Attackers performing Brute-Force attacks.

Password Dictionary are also used during Password Change and Password Reset operations to determine if the Password listed.

A common Password Dictionary is OWASP's SecLists

compromised Credentials Letter#

We are writing to let you know that we have reset your password because we have detected login credentials that match yours in a publicly accessible database related to a compromise of a third party website. Currently, the "mega lists" of compromised Credentials from third-party websites have over 3.8 billion entries and include leaks from websites including LinkedIn, Elance, Dropbox and Adobe. As a precautionary security measure, we have reset your ?????? password, and require you to create a new one

Have I been pwned?#

Is a great source for passwords and Credential Leaked Databases

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