Password Quality


Password Quality is the degree resistance to a password value from being obtained by an Unauthorized entity (ie an Attacker)

Password Quality deals with the Password Entropy

Generally "Truly" random passwords are better than any other methods. Also the longer a password is the better.

Password Quality must strike a balance between maximizing security and maximizing Usability. Generally results indicate that, as might be expected, increases in Password Quality (ie entropy) often correlate with a decreases in usability.[1]

Password Quality helps prevent the condition of an Unauthorized entity Obtains a password by:

Components of Password Quality#

Typical components of Password Quality within the Password Modification Policy include:

Poor Practices for Password Quality [2]#

A common piece of password advice is to substitute characters, such as numbers or special characters, for letters. For example, password becomes p@$$w0rd. These are sometimes called "leetspeak" passwords, because "elite" hackers originally used such character substitutions using. However, these are easily defeated by Password Spraying which use Heuristic Attacks

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