Patient matching


Patient matching is a process of comparing Patient Data from different health IT systems to see if data sources match and belong to the same patient to obtain a complete record of the patient’s health history and medical care.

If they match, those patient’s records are combined to eliminate duplication and confusion.

Patient matching makes it possible to integrate data from different providers and health IT systems, including Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Personal Health Record (PHR). This Patient Data integration helps make for a complete picture of a patient’s health and previous care. Patient matching can improve future care through this broader shared data, combined with evidence based medicine.

Patient matching Privacy Considerations#

Patient matching is by definition Identity Correlation

Patient matching Consent#

From a privacy and accuracy perspective, using a complete Personal Health Record and allowing Sovereign-source Identity techniques eliminates Patient matching and enhances Privacy

Unique Health IDentifier#

National Provider Identifier

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