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Kim Cameron#

Kim Cameron - a guru

Dick Hardt#

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Phil Becker#

Phil Becker is Editor-in-Chief of Digital ID World.

Phil blogs at http://blogs.zdnet.com/digitalID/

Mark Wahl#

Informed Control Inc. was founded by Mark Wahl, previously a Senior Staff Engineer and Principal Directory Architect at Sun Microsystems. Mark Wahl was co-founder and President of Critical Angle Inc., which was acquired by Innosoft International in 1998.

Pete Rowley#

Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, previously Engineering Staff at Netscape Communications where he was involved in the "best of breed", LDAP server. Written in C for multiple target platforms including NT, Linux, and other Unix operating systems. Prior to Netscape Communications a Software Engineer at Octel where he worked on the creation of server provided services for dealing with telephone calls, text-to-speech conversion, streaming audio data across data networks, and interfacing with the Microsoft Exchange directory and message store.

Pete blogs at http://www.openrowley.com/

Jamie Lewis#

Chief Executive Officer and Research Chair, Burton Group

Emphases Identity management, federation, directories, security, Web services, application platform technologies, enterprise application integration infrastructure

Background Co-founder of Burton Group. 19 years of experience in the network industry.

Primary Distinctions A highly respected writer and speaker on network technology, and one of the IT industry's foremost experts in issues relating to enterprise identity management, directory services, Web services, and security. Authored numerous documents that have defined the direction of network technology. Takes a vital educational and market development role with leading vendors.

Jamie blogs at http://identityblog.burtongroup.com/

Eric Norlin#

Eric Norlin is senior editor at Digital ID World. Eric's foray into technology began when his father brought home a Commodore 64, evolved into work with the National Security Agency, and transitioned into roles running content for technology conferences, writing articles for technology publications and serving as a vice president of marketing at an identity technology startup (Ping Identity). Eric's work has been featured in BusinessWeek, Inc. Magazine, CNET and NetworkWorld. He currently spends all of his time obsessing over the nuances of emerging technologies like digital identity.

Eric blogs at http://blogs.zdnet.com/digitalID/wp-rss2.php

Nishant Kaushik#

Used to be at Thor prior to Oracle acquisition.

Dale Olds#

Dale Olds is a Distinguished Engineer in Novell's Identity and Security Management Group. He is currently working on the evolution of identity services and is an architect for identity-enabled and Open Source technologies.

Dale was the lead designer and implementor of Novell Directory Services (NDS) and Novell eDirectory from 1990 to 2000. He is listed as an inventor on 11 patents and has received Novell's Edison, President's, and Inventor Hall of Fame awards. His recent industry experience focused on Linux and Internet content delivery services. Dale has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Utah. He writes code for fun.

Dale blogs at http://virtualsoul.org/.

Paul Trevithick#

Paul Trevithick, Co-founder and CEO of Parity Communications, Inc.

Jackson Shaw#

Currently (well, when we wrote this anyhow) Senior Director, Product Management at Quest Software. Worked at ZOOMIT Corporation Corporation with Kim Cameron.

Jackson blogs at http://jacksonshaw.blogspot.com/

Bob Blakley#

Bob Blakley was from Burton Group


From Information Week
"Blakley spurns digital pictures in favor of film. "Photography is all about learning how to see. It's not about the technology."

Some of his shots

Bob's personal blog is at: http://notabob.blogspot.com/ Bob also contributes to the Burton's Identity and Privacy Strategies Blog

Martin Kuppinger#

Martin Kuppinger is Founder and Principal Analyst

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