PeopleSoft Integrations

PeopleSoft integration involves the following PeopleSoft components.

PeopleSoft Application Server#

The application server is the core of PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture (PIA). An application server maintains the SQL connection to the database for browser requests and the PeopleTools development environment in Microsoft Windows. It runs business logic and issues SQL to the database server. The application server consists of numerous PeopleSoft services and server processes. Just as different elements make up the physical environment in which an application server operates, for example, database servers and Web servers, a variety of elements operate on the application server, enabling it to respond effectively to multiple transaction requests and handle transaction processing, system scaling, browser requests, and so on.

PeopleSoft Database Server#

The database server houses a database engine and the PeopleSoft application database. The database includes all the application's object definitions, system tables, application tables, and data. The database server must run one of the PeopleSoft-supported RDBMS and operating system combinations. Multiple application servers can connect to the database server. The database server simultaneously handles the application server connections, development environment connections, and batch programs running against it.

PeopleSoft Internet Architecture#

PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture enables Internet application deployment through a browser, and enables you to take advantage of PeopleSoft intranet solutions, Internet solutions, and integration technologies.

PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture runs seamlessly in portals created and managed by PeopleSoft portal technology. PeopleTools portal technology is built on top of PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture and enables you to easily access and administer multiple content providers, including PeopleSoft databases such as PeopleSoft CRM and HRMS, as well as non-PeopleSoft content. It enables you to combine content from these multiple sources and deliver the result to users in a unified, simple-to-use interface.

PeopleSoft has a configurable authentication mechanism that allows it to authenticate a user against the following:

Single sign-on with PeopleSoft involves the following:#

  • Protecting PIA with a Access gateway.
  • Populating a header variable with an attribute value that is stored in the LDAP directory used by Novell Access Manager.
  • Writing PeopleCode to read the header variable and generate the PS_TOKEN. The PS_TOKEN is a cookie is generated by PIA every time a user successfully logs in. It is used to enable single sign-on with other PeopleSoft applications.
  • Configuring PeopleSoft to invoke the PeopleCode as part of the authentication process, overriding the default authentication mechanism.


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